Costa Rica Surf Spots: Your Guide to the Best Surfing in Costa Rica

Where to hit the waves? Santa Teresa’s surf spots

For many people, Costa Rica is a land most associated with a luscious jungle, wonderful wildlife, and, of course, delicious coffee. Yet, for those who love nothing more than hitting some serious waves, it’s a prime surfing destination, too. What with its 1,000-kilometers-plus Pacific coastline, it offers prime opportunities for surfers of all levels of experience – against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, of course.

Your best bet is to catch the Pacific coastline waves at a resort set up to host surf-friendly guests, such as Ventura Santa Teresa, located near the beautiful towns of Santa Teresa and Malpaís. Many wills, naturally, be tempted to visit during the country’s dry season (December to April); yet, thanks to Costa Rica’s tropical climate, days here are actually warm all year round, while even rainy days in the not-so-popular wet season can result in the sunshine as well as cooler, overcast weather – either of which is ideal for surfing.

Surfing at Santa Teresa

No question, of all the surfing destinations in Costa Rica, Santa Teresa has to be one of the most beautiful, appealing, and satisfying. Blessed with an unbeatable combo of sandy-white beaches, deep blue, warm waters, and a jungle-like nature lover’s delight away from the beach, it’s a slice of heaven.

Walking out, surfboarding under your arm, onto a Santa Teresa beach gives you the opportunity to ride fast waves and catch absolutely awesome breaks. Suitable for surfers of all levels, it’s somewhere that’s maybe most fitting for the most experienced. So, be sure to check out any of the following surf spots:

  • Suck Rock (break: reef break and point break/ ocean floor: rocky reef) – rumored to provide giant breaks as high as 20 feet (yes, really!) Surf Rock’s always popular with experienced surfers, with its rides covering in excess of 100 meters.
  • La Lora (break: beach break/ ocean floor: sand) – situated very close to Surf Rock, La Lora is perfect for surfers of all levels; it also boasts a wonderful stretch of sand that appeals to many non-surfers, too.
  • Playa Carmen (break: beach break/ ocean floor: sand and some rocks) – referred to as Playa El Carmen by many, this spot features some rocks and rip tides to avoid, but you can definitely take advantage of great breaks here, especially if you’re an experienced surfer; this is the beach to head to, too, for delicious snacks from food outlets as well as other distractions.
  • Playa Hermosa (break: beach break and point break/ ocean floor: sand and some rocks) – with both a wide beach break and a point break, this spot’s undoubtedly great for surfers, even if it tends to be less popular than others; admittedly, you’ll notice some rocks but that doesn’t mean there’s a bad rip current.
  • Malpaís (break: beach break, reef breaks and point breaks/ ocean floor: sand and reef) – a little to the south of Santa Teresa it may be, but Malpaís is an excellent choice for point breaks and favors the more experienced surfer, who’ll doubtless end up loving the challenge of riding its waves.

So, go on, then; book that Santa Teresa accommodation, throw yourself into that session with a local surf instructor, enjoy that tour into the local jungle and, all around, experience all that the wonderful Santa Teresa can offer you.




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