We are located 150 meters north of the intersection between Mal País and Santa Teresa, on the right-hand side of the main road (601111), opposite Mega Super. If you’re traveling to us by car and from the north, we don’t advise relying on GPS but, instead, making your way to us town-by-town. That’s to say (from Liberia); Liberia > Jicaral; Jicaral > Playa Naranjo; Playa Naranjo > Paquera; Paquera > Santa Teresa; Santa Teresa > Ventura Santa Teresa.

Flight Transfer

To reduce the hassle of your traveling, if you’d like us to, we’ll be only too happy to help arrange a private flight transfer for you from Costa Rica’s international airport, San Jose (SJO), to our local airport, Cobano Airport (COB), which is nestled in the jungle and only a 40-minute drive away from us. To transfer to Cobano (COB) from San Jose (SJO), you’ll need to use the Domestica Terminal at the latter; it ought to be no more than a five-minute walk from where you arrive at SJO and the transfer flight to Cobano (COB) no more than 22-minutes-long. Also, if you’d like us to arrange a rental car or taxi service for you at Cobano (COB), please let us know ahead of time.

Ferry Transfer

Alternatively, the journey time from San Jose (SJO) Airport to the port town of Puntarenas is about an hour and a half. From there, you can take a ferry across the picturesque Bay of Nicoya to Paquera (a 2-hour journey). The subsequent drive from Paquera to Ventura Santa Teresa should take about an hour. Again, we advise arranging a private driver or allowing us to arrange a rental car at Paquera. For the ferry’s schedule and to reserve a vehicle space on the ferry, visit the Nicoya Peninsula website. Otherwise, we can arrange a taxi service for you from San Jose (SJO) Airport to us, here, at Ventura Santa Teresa.

Travelling Around

Arguably the best way to get around, discover and explore the simple yet rich environment and culture of the Nicoya Peninsula is via an all-terrain vehicle (ATV); otherwise referred to as a quad bike. Should you wish to rent one or more ATVs or arrange a taxi, private driver, or rental car, please contact us and allow us to help make the arrangements.

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